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Here is a downloadable pdf file, approximately 1/2 MB, 11 pages, that contains excerpts from my 70 page "Photoshop Techniques" booklet.

If you want to get the entire booklet, I will be offering it as an ebook in the near future. Please check back for details. You can also email me to be put on my mailing list so you'll be sure to hear about it (go to my "contact" page).

These excerpts primarily cover the changes from Photoshop CS3 to CS4, and the changes to my favorite adjustment layer—curves!

These excerpts are not a complete exposition of these ideas and concepts, but are mainly intended as a refresher for those who have previously survived one of my workshops...

Besides the pdf file, you can also download one of the images discussed in the handout, so you can try your hand at using the gray and white droppers to set color balance.

Click on each of the below to download (download with a right click on a PC, or option-click on a Mac).

pdf icon  1/2 MB pdf file


jpeg icon  JPEG file used in excerpts